#150 – One Hundred & Fifty – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

#150 – One Hundred & Fifty – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

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TONIGHT!  Its the ODDCAST 150th Episode Extravaganza!! We’ve got a 2 hour Special for you ODDCASTers jam packed with Guests and Great ODDCAST moments!  You can expect to hear from previous guests like: Langdon Bosarge, Adam Ill, Bill Mahoney, @HolliandMichael SwingShow, Barry Funkhouser, Nicole Noir, Michael Show, Inger K. Price!  and some surprise guests!
And a Very NEW Guest!  Rick Medina aka the RED WILD FORCE POWER RANGER!  aka DEKER from Power Rangers: Samurai.

Also…Rate us on iTunes and you will get an ODDCAST Poker Chip Keychain, courtesy of HighStakesJewelry.com.  Follow us on Twitter @theODDCASTers!  All this and the News!  Only on ErrorFm.com

Check us out on ErrorFm.com at 9Pm Sundays, LIVE! Rate us on  iTunes

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