#154 – Bad Habits – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

#154 – Bad Habits – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

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TONIGHT! Now that ODD-O-Ween is over, it’s time to get back to business as usual.  Our Special Guest tonight is Comedian Drew Marks of the Bad Advise Podcast.  Also in studio tonight is the Funk himself sitting in to share his bad habits.  Whats your bad habit? Nail Biting?  Smoking?  Drinking?  Plus we get in to some bad habits in the bedroom.  Does your man always wanna skip foreplay?  Oral not going both ways?  Yes we are gonna help you understand that you are just crazy and need to stop that shit… Just kidding.  Everyones got a bad habit.  Come listen and find out why we call Desy…Messy Desy…and we learn what a blue waffle is…you should google that right now.   Also…Rate us on iTunes and you will get an ODDCAST Poker Chip Keychain, courtesy of HighStakesJewelry.com.  Follow us on Twitter @theODDCASTers!  All this and the News!  Only on ErrorFm.com

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