#152 – Serial Killers – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

#152 – Serial Killers – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

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TONIGHT!  Serial Killers live among us and tonight we are going to remind you that you better lock your windows.  And if you gay and or black watch out cause someone might want to eat your ass and not in that way you like…We delve in to the world of serial killers and their victims.  Join us as we continue our journey in to the macabre this ODD-0-Ween!    Also…Rate us on iTunes and you will get an ODDCAST Poker Chip Keychain, courtesy of HighStakesJewelry.com.  Follow us on Twitter @theODDCASTers!  All this and the News!  Only on ErrorFm.com

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One response to “#152 – Serial Killers – the ODDCAST – LIVE!

  1. This is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever heard! Wish I had found this site sooner. Serial killers-what a great choice for Halloween podcast. Wish I had listened to live broadcast

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