the ODDCAST – LIVE #147 – Psychics

the ODDCAST – LIVE #147 – Psychics

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TONIGHT! We look to the future…or at least we try, but all these fucking psychics are phony!  Remember Miss Cleo…How come you can’t “Call Her Now!”  Edgar Cayse makes a comeback and Slyvia Brown fucks up on the Montell Show.  Plus Dusty let Brian Whitman sleep with his wife?  Rob tries to auto-Fellate…and Desy gets pulled over by the Grammar Police.  Finally in the News:  What is an Unlikely Cure for the Common Hangover?  Also…Rate us on iTunes and you could win a Bong (for Tobacco) and an Evil Angel Porn DVD and an ODDCAST Poker Chip Keychain, courtesy of  Follow us on Twitter @theODDCASTers!  All this and the News!  Only on

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One response to “the ODDCAST – LIVE #147 – Psychics

  1. My sisters ex boyfriends aunt was a psychic and told my sister that something really bad is going to happen to me around when she gets married and then a friend of ours told us the same thing. Lol so trippy. Hope my sister never marries.

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