the ODDCAST – LIVE #145- When People Snap

the ODDCAST – LIVE #145- When People Snap

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TONIGHT! With all the crazy going on in the world it goes without saying that we would have to chime in.  What make people go crazy like the Batman Shooter, James Holmes, or the guy that killed all of those Sikhs in Wisconsin.  Or how about the ones that are so crazy that there is an Adjective made for them…Going Postal…Michael is a NO Show so we poke at him too…Matt is in studio hangin with us(so we should get 1million downloads)  Plus What event could possibly join the Olympics in 2016?  We finally get some callers and they are getting an awesome keychain!   Also…Rate us on iTunes and you could win a Bong (for Tobacco) and an Evil Angel Porn DVD and an ODDCAST Poker Chip Keychain, courtesy of  Follow us on Twitter @theODDCASTers!  All this and the News!  Only on

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