the ODDCAST – LIVE #130- The Truth No One Wants To Believe

the ODDCAST – LIVE #129- The Raid on THC

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Tonight! the ODDCAST is delving in to the world of Conspiracy Theories, or as our in studio Guest will call them, The Truth No One Wants To Believe.  Jean-Pierre Giaguoli, Parapsychologist( joins us to help us understand the world of the Conspiracies.  From JFK to RFK…9/11 to OJ Simpson.  We try to uncover the truth and hopefully not piss off the Illuminati!  Plus there is one theory that is debunked tonight…the one about why Desy is absent and in her place a Special guest host Robyn Haddox, a friend of the show is here and its not what you think.  All this and Dusty likes chicks with Balls?

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