the ODDCAST Halloween Special #108

the ODDCAST – LIVE – #108 – Halloween Countdown

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This Halloween we are bringing in a guest to help us figure out Halloween, Michael from The Michael Show!  We also get a special phone call from “Program Director Carly” to tell us how we SHOULD be doing our show…It’s all in fun though…We get to talk about candy, and costumes and what the next 80 shows are gonna be….Like….Snookie wants Smoosh Smoosh Sundays!  And Quigi Board Wednesdays!  and Who can miss out on Tequila Tuesdays (that one doesn’t sound that bad)  And join us all November for Never In November!  Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole show!   Happy Halloween from all of us here at Podtalker Studios and the ODDCAST!  Have a Safe and Fun night! 🙂

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